How to Start (And Keep) Exercising, And Do The Impossible

(Apologies for the loud voice – this is my first recorded call and I had no idea I was this loud)

When it comes to ADHD, I’m a strong beleiver in overcoming the symptoms by taking care of the basics first. This means addressing Diet, Exercise, Mindset and Self-Awareness before moving towards other solutions.

I believe in this because there’s no point in supplementing with something that you don’t know the long term effects of (medication) when there’s a natural, proven short term solution. The thing is, though, that some of the steps you need to take towards overcoming ADHD symptoms and building an ADHD lifestyle that works for you can feel difficult. Impossible even.

Enter Steve Kamb.

Recently I had a chat with Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness about why the impossible is possible, and how you can easily start making exercise a part of your ADHD lifestyle. The guy is switched on and knows what he’s talking about..

Steve runs a successful business called Nerd Fitness. In the past three years, he’s grown his supportive community (affectionately known as The Rebellion) to over 10,000 email subscribers and a forum with around 100,000 posts at the time of writing.

People listen to Steve – and for good reason.

Steve has a way of making even the most daunting tasks seem possible (like gambling a night away in Monte Carlo on a tight budget, or travelling the world for just $400 on plane fare).

His blog posts and products have helped people around the world to lose weight, build muscle, get fit and genuinely improve their lives. But more than anything else he’s a down to earth and easy to hang out with guy. I know this first hand from the first time we met . Steve was on his Epic Quest, where I twisted his arm to come out and party with strangers.

Steve’s provided a veritable goldmine of advice in this interview, so make sure you take notes.

Resources From The Video

In the video, Steve and I spoke about a few things. Here’s the ones that matter most – click on the links for more information.

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One Last Thing

I’ll be speaking at the NDCO Accessing The Future Conference this week. I’m giving a more practical presentation on Bulletproof Learning, and a keynote called 720 Days Later: Taking ADHD Into The World and The Workplace.

You’re welcome to come and say hi if you’re there and you spot me.